What is Laminate Flooring?

Some people call it fake wood, it's not fake wood or real wood. It's laminate which is (High density Fiberboard). Laminate floors can look like wood or tiles and any other thing, it's just a picture of wood on top. In our opinion its the most popular flooring which gives you a wood floor look and feel, there are several reasons for it.

1- Its very economical as compared to other hard surface flooring.

2- It is more scratch resistant than real wood floors.

3- It's easier to to keep up with. (maintenance is easier)

4- Easier to install. (some cases people who are handy can install it, we believe you should get a pro to do it)

5- Doesn't dent very easy, unlike real wood.

6- Also cheaper to install. these are just a few reason why its very common.

When you are looking for laminate floor there are few thing one should keep in mind.

1- For residential get at least AC3 rating (durable)

2- Get the thicker one 12mm, thicker makes less noise and feel more like wood. (durable)

3- Consumer Confidence ( the core, locking system and so on, search for some reviews)

4- Must be Carb2 compliance. (Formaldehyde compliance)

5- Since it's floating floor, please get decent quality Underlayment. If you have spills clean right away. (most laminate come with 25 years warranty) On the other hand Solid or engineered Wood floors are very nice and will cost twice as much or more.

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