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Flooring can be a truly defining factor in the style and ambiance of a home. White marble adds a sleek, modern feeling, while brown woods can tie together a warm, ranch-style home. The flooring gives a home a persona, an identity, and can fit the function of family needs as well. Arthur's Flooring has been a pillar in the Orange County renovation and remodeling community, recognized for combining impressive product with incredible customer service. They pride themselves on an experienced team that is fluent in all aspects of flooring, as well as their ability to provide service and products at lower rates than competitors.

Their new line of Vinyl Luxury flooring adds to their variety of already extensive choices, and gives the customers a chance to live the high life. This new vinyl flooring is a perfect way to heighten the overall look of a home without pushing budget overboard. The labor to lay the vinyl down is much easier and less expensive; plus it requires no glue and has the same appearance as laminate flooring. One of the best features is that it does not buckle or swell like normal wood or warp like laminate-it is water resistant! Some are even calling it waterproof, which is a huge advantage over laminate flooring. On top of that, vinyl present a beautiful, high-end look without breaking the bank.

Ather Tyeb, owner of Arthur's Flooring, is very proud to be expanding his collection, "For a long time, we have been known for our laminate flooring, which has become the bulk of our business," he told us, "but now appeal to an entirely new market, and are excited for all the new business we will generate with it," Arthur's Flooring is located in Costa Mesa, Garden Grove and Orange, and has been giving customer cost-effective solutions for 25 years. They pride themselves on delivering on their promises, effectively demonstrating how they make deadlines and budget concerns priorities. Maintaining an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau is due in large part to their amazing referrals and support from thousands of satisfied customers.

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